Africa needs effective continent-wide and predictable mechanism on COVID-19

COVID 19Africa has been the 'last frontier' in many issues, but this time, that may be of some good, if only we can take advantage of the late arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in the region. The late reporting of confirmed cases should have been, and could still be, Africa's breathing room to put in place regional-level mechanisms to contain the pandemic on the continent as much as is humanly possible. 
Yes, there's the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC), its COVID-19 Resources <>, and Twitter feed <>. Yet, Africans everywhere need to feel the impact of a strong regional response to the current threat. That is, an authority, which can order, direct, enforce, monitor and report on key elements of national responses to this existential menace.

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Advocacy on Implementing a Blended Representation Principle” of Governance

December 2019

Dr. Kofi V. Anani, Governance and Development Finance Expert

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Dr. John C. Afele

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Good Governance is the lynchpin of development as a transformational process. Transparency in decision making and resource allocation, accountability for stewardship, and participation in the governance arrangements are the mechanisms which make development transformational and sustainable. We posit that good governance and sustainable development in Africa can be grounded more firmly in a blend of indigenous and modern knowledge principles and values.

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SDG Africa Network Dialogues

Dialogue 1: Discussion on the vision for African countries, from the prism of future young African leaders

  1. What ought to be the sustainable development goals from the perspectives of African youths?
  1. Where would African countries operate in the value chain of the global market, leveraging on technology and global marketplace – from the lower, middle to the upper end?
  • How will agriculture move from small-scale to mechanized large-scale farming with youth involvement?
  1. What is the pathway for inter-trade among African countries to move from theory to practice, with regional and continental integration moving from constant discussion to implementation?
  1. What innovations will improve Africa’s hard infrastructure (energy, transport, communications, etc.) and social infrastructure (health and education), human)
    by 50 per cent come 2030?

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SDG Credit for Model Initiatives, their Outcomes and Lessons

We are using Ghana, Kenya and Mauritius as model countries to track and assess homegrown concepts and initiatives that may impact on the SDGs attainment.

We also analyze special initiatives by any African country to highlight good steps toward achieving the SDGs in Africa.

Our assessment framework encompasses the project cycle elements in determining extent to which the special initiatives are relevant, effective, efficient, innovative, sustainable and well-resourced, based on the set of unique questions formulated by our team of seasoned development and finance experts. Our analyses aim to help build the institutional environment, focusing on policy and regulatory reforms in order that these special initiatives break the circle of poverty and unleash human development on a continuum. As such, our framework includes the nature and scale of human and investment capital mobilization from within the Africa region for implementation and sustainability.

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SDG Africa Network is an independent, non-governmenal resource center, which is being operated by a team of experienced development finance experts on African-grown innovations toward achieving inclusive development outcomes.


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