Ghana 240 animated flag gifsSome of the socio-economic development initiatives by the Ghanaian Government, which the SDG Africa Network considers as potentially impacting the country’s attainment of the SDGs:

  • Free Senior High School (also launched by the Government of Kenya)
  • Planting for Food and Jobs
  • Slum (Zongo) Development
  • One District One Factory (1D1F)
  • One Village One Dam in some administrative regions
  • $1million for each Electoral Constituency per annum
  • Reducing Taxes, Import Duties and Utility Rates: Lowering VAT from 17.5% to 3% for SMEs; Reducing Corporate Taxes from 25% to 12.5%; Reduction in utility rates; Lowering Import Duties on Raw Materials
  • Election of District Chief Executives
  • Environmental Management - Cleaning Rivers and Reclaiming Lands Polluted by Artisanal and Illegal Mining Known Locally as Galamsey
  • Sanitation Project
  • Operation Get off the Street
  • Rail Transport from Coast to the Northern Frontier


Cote d Ivoire 240 animated flag gifsSustainable Development Goals of Cote D'Ivoire. This link will redirect you to an external source.



Mauritius 240 animated flag gifsPresentation on SDG Statistical Indicators of Mauritius. This link will redirect you to an external source.



Kenya 240 animated flag gifsSDG Development Strategy of Kenya. This link will redirect you to an external source.


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